15 Pre-Election Predictions

15 Pre-Election Predictions

Presidential elections often drive the narrative of many issues facing the country and this upcoming election is no different. In fact, in many respects, this year’s election is likely to take this phenomenon to new heights. The nation is the most divided it has been in decades, as people begin to drive hard left and right, respectively. Therefore, this continues to lead to more violence and animosity against one another.

In this video Patrick Bet-David lays out 15 things that are likely to take place as we approach this year’s Presidential Election.

  1. Divisiveness
    • The media will try to pin the country against each other by highlighting the most radical people from each group.
  2. Protests/Riots
    • The level of anger, protests and riots will rise to heights we have never seen before.
  3. Police Brutality
    • The media will begin to highlight more stories like that of George Floyd. This will be done to reaffirm the narrative of police brutality in America, which is why stories that go against this narrative will not gain any traction.
  4. Volatility in the Market
    • Warren Buffet and others are investing hundreds of millions of dollars in gold in anticipation for what could be the next economic recession and even depression.
  5. Disassociation
    • Political pressure will lead many people to distance themselves from each other to the point of it causing many to lose their jobs as a result.
  6. School Shutdown
    • Schools could potentially shut down again causing many to lose their jobs or at the very least making it much more difficult for parents to fulfill their work obligations.
  7. Vaccines
    • People will begin to find themselves divided on the issue of vaccines as we get closer to releasing it to the public.
  8. New Leaders
    • New leaders will begin to emerge into the limelight as we begin to face more challenges as a nation. These leaders will become household names as a result.
  9. Zero Debates
    • COVID-19 will become the reason as to why some politicians will want to cancel all the presidential debates leading to the election, or at the very least reduce them to just one.
  10. Wealth Increase
    • As with every recession/depression, there will be more wealth created than before by people who are positioning themselves to seize new opportunities. What most people view as misfortune, few view as opportunity.
  11. Controversial Stories
    • There will be an influx of controversial stories involving people in high levels of power and government that will shift the perception on many public figures.
  12. Major Cities
    • Major cities across America will begin to see record level of homelessness and lawlessness like we have never seen before.
  13. New Politicians
    • The high degree of unrest will give birth to new politicians that will take center stage as we head into the presidential election.
  14. Viral Videos
    • Viral videos will give a voice to unknown names who will become a part of more political and societal discourse.
  15. Post Office
    • Major issues with the post office could delay the results of the election for months, giving way for more volatility in the market and violence in the streets.

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