15 Marketing Campaigns That Made Billions & How You Can Too

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In this episode I talk about how to launch your next innovative campaign as an entrepreneur

First we are going to talk about 15 companies that launched successful campaigns:

  1. Coca Cola
  2. Dove
  3. Taco Bell
  4. Dos Equis
  5. Olde Spice men
  6. Sprint/Verizon
  7. Mastercard
  8. De Beers
  9. Nike
  10. McDonald’s
  11. Quit smoking
  12. Geico
  13. Budweiser
  14. Procter & Gamble
  15. Tesla

Next we are going to analyze what goes into creating an innovative campaign:

  1. You need a clear outcome
  2. You need to know who you are targeting
  3. You need to find a motive to tap into
  4. Have a budget in mind
  5. Find possible collaborators
  6. Create the right launch plan
  7. Gather all the data points you can
  8. Analyze the data after the campaign

And finally, we are going to look at some separators:

 A Great driver

Testing in small markets

Having a great product

Taping into your unique story


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