15 behaviors that’ll prevent you from winning BIG

15 behaviors that'll prevent you from winning big.

If you had to choose between protecting your feelings and ego versus making millions, which would you choose?  Most people are very quick to say “make millions” but contrary to popular belief most people unintentionally end up protecting their egos over winning big.  Why you may ask?

We can not stand being wrong, humiliated or losing any power on the chess board.  These types of characters may usually be given a reputation of a strong personality without necessarily a strong bank account.

I’ve been guilty of almost every single one of these behaviors at some point of my life and I can tell you from personal experience and the results don’t lead to big victories.  It wasn’t until I was willing to graduate these unnecessary mindsets that I started experiencing BIG personal victories.

Here are the 15 behaviors that unknowingly could lead to costing you millions of dollars.

1.  Hurt feelings
2. Ego took a hit
3. Too sensitive
4. Had to get all the credit
5. Self sabotage
6. Turning a mull hill into a mountain
7.  Having to be right
8. Not admitting they were wrong
9. Not apologizing
10. Celebrating too early
11.  Too comfortable, too soon
12.  Negative influence
13.  Spirit of division
14.  Envious about someone
15.  Self inflicted distractions

Don’t confuse this with having the desire to want to prove a point to someone who doesn’t believe in your abilities.  This is dealing with people who are on your side and believe in your abilities but you unintentionally turn them into the enemy.

How you tell the difference between someone who is on your side and someone who isn’t will generally determine the size of you success.

Choose wisdom every single time.  It’ll not only make you money but importantly also HAPPY.  

PS: If you haven’t watched the episode I did on “How to break the curse from your limiting beliefs” click here to watch.  

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