14 Temptations of Type A Personalities

There are many Temptations Type “A” personalities have to deal with. In this video Patrick Bet-David talks about the 14 temptations type “A” personalities have to look out for. Subscribe to Valuetainment for new uploads: http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4

How To Deal with Temptations as an “A” Type Personality

There are two people this article is aimed at. The first person is the type “A” personality that should know about these points, and the other is anyone who works or lives with an “A” type personality. Type A people are the ones who tend to build empires and big businesses, however, they are also the ones who have a tendency of breaking things as they go along. Here are the 14 temptations type “A” personalities deal with.

   1. Winning at all costs

Type A personalities are so competitive that they tend to be willing, and in some cases do, break the rules and laws in order to win. This is something that will be tempting for so many, however, it will hurt them long term if they stat breaking rules and laws in order to win. It’s important to curve that “win at all costs” mentality.

   2. Overbearing

Overbearing comes when nothing is good enough for them, they always want more. This creates friction during the everyday tasks when people around them never feel like they are doing things correct or good enough. As a type “a” personality it is important to let people around you know that they are doing a good job.

   3. Bored very easily (Leads to negative distractions)

Type “A” personalities get bored so quickly that it tends to hurt them in the long run. A good example for this would be that they implement a strategy and then want to change it before it has enough time to create momentum.

   4. Temper Tantrums

Type “A” personalities tend to have temper tantrum outbursts that can push people around them away.

   5. Everything good is because of them & bad is because of others – Hate being wrong

Type “A” personalities have a bad tendency to take all the credit for success and none of the credit for the failures. This is possibly the biggest reason why people stop working with a type ”A” personality.  This is the thing that brings out their insecurity and manipulative side.

   6. Escape from reality – Alternative way to cope with reality

Running a business can be very stressful and not knowing how to cope with reality can be dangerous. They have such an active imagination that they need ways to cope with reality. If they don’t find good ways to cope, they often end up going towards alcohol or drugs. 

   7. Neglecting health

As an entrepreneur and type “A” personality it is crucial that you take care of your health first so that you can keep going at a fast pace. Far too often is health neglected short-term, however, it ends up being detrimental in the long term.

   8. Sex

People that are driven, want it all and have high testosterone levels end up having a higher sex drive. This temptation needs to be systematized especially if you are married.

   9. Wanting what is taken

Type “A” people often want what is taken, and in some cases, this means taking it from someone you shouldn’t. Messing with the wrong person can lead to having to deal with a lifelong vendetta, this will slow down your momentum.

   10. Looking down at people

Looking down at people will give you a superior and condescending attitude, even if you try to hide it, the people around you will notice this. These people will leave shortly and go work for someone who helps lift them up.

   11. Thinking they can outsmart everyone

The reality is, as smart as you are there will always be someone smarter than you. Thinking you can outsmart people might work in the short term, but it will cost you in the long term. If you’re wise, you’ll realize you need to hire people smarter than you to help you out.

   12. Entitlement after achieving some success

Just because you had a win in one area doesn’t give you any credibility in other aspects of your life. If you change fields or careers you need to be prepared to work from the bottom and up again.

   13. They don’t know when to stop

This is a good and a bad thing. The good part is the fact that they have the stamina to outlast their competition. The bad part is the fact that they don’t know how to enjoy the journey and the process they are going through because they are so focused on the end goal.

   14. Overspending

Some type “A” personalities are so motivated that once they get a good amount of money they start spending it. They buy the Lamborghinis and they private plane, but if they don’t leave enough money in the business it will suffer during the hard times. There is nothing wrong with buying and enjoying the finer luxuries life has to offer, but you need to make sure you don’t overspend.

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