10 Types of Business Partners

Patrick Bet-David talks about the 10 Types of Business Partners you need to be aware of.

Here are the 10 business types you’ll meet:

  • Leaners – They constantly lean on you 
  • Bankers – They give you the money and want you to do the rest
  • Bosses – They constantly try to boss you around telling you what to do
  • Guilt Trippers – They guilt you into making you feel bad
  • Bottom liners & ATM-ers – These people only care about the bottom line and they want to take profits into their own pockets instead of re-investing
  • Machine Gun Tommy’s – They use all your past mistakes against you
  • Pansies – They crack as soon as there is pressure on them
  • Loose Lips – They can’t keep a secret and constantly tell outsiders the strategies of your business
  • Bandaids – They always think short term over long term and constantly rely on a quick fix
  • Strategizers – They align with you in order gian a stretegical advantage.

In any business partnership you will face challenges, however, it is important to not let the 5 dysfunctions of a team ruin your business partnership. Here are the 5 dysfunctions:

  1. Inattention to results
  2. Avoidance of accountability
  3. Lack of commitment
  4. Fear of conflict
  5. Absence of trust

It’s your responsability to not let the 5 dysfunctions ruin your business partnership relationships.

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