10 Signs You’re a Terrible Entrepreneur

Not everyone is cut out for this life. Some of you may be sitting there saying to yourself, “I have been watching Pat for years and doing everything he says, but I still haven’t seen results.”

Hate to break it to you kid, but you may be a terrible entrepreneur. Patrick Bet-David has 10 Signs that will prove to you whether you have been wasting your time trying to get a business off the ground or you just need to pivot a little in order to succeed.

These are going to sting.

10 Signs You’re a Terrible Entrepreneur

  1. You’re Full of ????

    1. Everything that comes out of your mouth is trying to convince everybody that you are the best. No one believes you, because even you don’t believe yourself. Talk is cheap.
  2. You Think You’re Steve Jobs

    1. You are not the perfect blend of Jobs and Musk. Do you know when the world could even consider you in the same sentence as them? Probably long after you die. Why? Because other people have to say it about you. You can’t just wish it into existence.  
  3. You Think You Know Everything

    1. Just because you read business books and you have a degree from a top university, it doesn’t make you a great entrepreneur. Entrepreneurship doesn’t come with a manual. You absolutely don’t know everything. Once you think you know everything, a curveball could come by and knock you out of the business.
  4. You’re Terrible With Money

    1. Your personal expenses aren’t covered, and you are late on your bills. How are you supposed to manage a business when you can’t pay for your cell phone or your own food? If you have money issues, your mind is not completely on your business where it should be. Credit cards don’t build businesses.
  5. You Talk Down to People

    1. You talk to everyone like they owe you everything. You think you are the boss and can treat your employees like they are worthless. You’re not a boss if you are an entrepreneur, everybody else is your boss. They tell you what to do. To build your vision you need them more than they need you. If you talk down to everyone they won’t be around for very long.
  6. You Think Your Idea is Unique

    1. You have to realize that most ideas have been thought of by somebody else. You are not the only one in the world to have your idea. It’s a good idea but the implementation is half the battle. That is where you are going to win. Don’t get too big of a head just because of an idea.
  7. You Panic Easily

    1. The slightest change happens, and you panic. The end of the world is just around the corner. Working with someone who is constantly panicking, drives everybody else insane. The purpose of an entrepreneur is you know how to hold it together.
  8. Constantly Seeking Work-Life Balance

    1. Let’s put this to rest, work-life balance doesn’t exist for entrepreneurs. There is only a small percentage of people in the world that have achieved what you want to achieve, for a good reason. They worked harder than everybody else. You have to work hard now. Work-life balance can come later.
  9. You Want Quick Money

    1. There is no such thing as quick money in business. Most people that chase quick money have a quick bankruptcy to go along with it. Building a business, a vision, that takes time. You the leader becomes better over time, not the business. The business gets better because of your change and effort.
  10. You Hate to be Wrong

    1. An entrepreneur is wrong most of the time. But when you are right that one time and you keep at it for years, that’s when you get your big victory. Get ready to learn a lot from your mistakes.

Next Steps: Send your questions, or comments to @patrickbetdavid. Download the PDF and take a long hard look at yourself.

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