10 Reasons To Love Capitalism


In developing countries all over the world from India, to Argentina, to Greece, young people want the same opportunity to work and to grow wealth as Americans. But they don’t have the same opportunities as we do in America.

Patrick Bet-David believes there are two solutions to this problem, either come to America and participate in the established capitalist system we have. Or spread the spirit of capitalism to everybody in your country in all aspects of your life. The younger generation is going to be the people that drive this change.

“Often people ask me ‘Pat what’s your favorite product in the world’ My favorite product in the world is people. I can’t get enough of people.” -PBD

10 Reasons To Love Capitalism

  1. Capitalism Protects the Planet

    1. Businesses must pay attention to the environment and natural resources or else those businesses and the capitalist running them will be extinct. Coke needs clean drinking water or there are no more Coca-Cola products.
  2. Capitalism Creates Competition

    1. When it comes to business your vote, that you cast with your dollars, really matters. Businesses know this and as a result, they have to treat you, the consumer, better or else you might be voting for someone else very soon.
  3. Capitalism Spurs Innovation

    1. Capitalism allows people to critically look at how we do things in order to advance society and provide new opportunities for everybody. Take medicine, the need for cheaper better drugs and therapies drive innovation and longer life.
  4. Capitalism Creates the Spirit of Choices

    1. The capitalist system allows everybody to choose what they do for work, where they work, how they spend their money, and what companies they support with their dollars. We see that now with people moving from Uber to Lyft because of their corporate culture.
  5. Capitalism Redistributes the Wealth

    1. By investing in, bring value to, or working for businesses, capitalism allows for redistributing wealth by choice, not by force. Jeff Bezos is worth 160 billion dollars and Amazon is worth 1 trillion. He has redistributed 840 billion to those that work for Amazon and invest in it.
  6. Capitalism is all About Constant Improvements

    1. Capitalism rewards innovators who are always looking to make things better, cheaper, healthier, whatever the marketplace demands. “Those who focus on improving, last a long time. Those who don’t will eventually die.” –PBD
  7. Capitalism Believes in People

    1. Any capitalist that starts a company needs people no matter what company they start. And not just any people, they need good people who are committed to improving themselves and the company.
  8. Capitalism Increases Life Expectancy

    1. Advancements in medicine that came from capitalist investment are the reason why the average life expectancy in the world has grown by 41 years in the past 120 years. Without investment new experiments could not take place.
  9. Capitalism Creates Happiness

    1. There isn’t only one kind of happiness that can be achieved. In capitalism, all the different types of happy can coexist whether it’s working 40 hours a week to 80 hours a week, and everything in between. The freedom of choice allows everyone to be happy.
  10. Capitalism Forgives

    1. This is the most inspiring one. People only care about your last victory, they don’t care about what happened years in the past. That last victory wipes away all of your past mistakes. The best part is, you don’t only have one shot at success with capitalism. You can bounce back from your mistakes, work another job, save your money, and years later try again.

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