10 Reasons Why Those Who Exercise Make More Money

The only way a good team becomes a great team is by the leaders having difficult conversations with each other. Leaders need to address issues head-on including health, fitness, and diet.

Patrick Bet-David knows that having those three things in balance and focusing on them will help your team to the next level. And talking about this stuff can be divisive because no one wants to feel like they are being singled out.

Patrick has his executives come up with their own Personal Development Plan and Health Plan. By doing this it creates a work environment that is high energy and more conducive to working together as a team. How does Patrick know all of this works? Here are his 10 Reasons why those who exercise make more money.

10 Reasons Why Those Who Exercise Make More Money

  1. Your Mind Becomes Sharper

    1. When you come to work without exercising you are lethargic, and it takes an hour to get into a flow. When you do exercise before work your mind is sharp and ready to go.
  2. You Become a Better Problem Solver

    1. A sharper mind allows for you to be open to new opportunities and ways of thinking. It can help you solve problems more efficiently.  
  3. Energy

    1. Exercising gives you a lot of energy for the day. You need energy to do points one and two. Energy is contagious as well if your leaders come in energized their teams will catch on. A great diet and exercise plan can help you to make the best decision to advance to the next level.
  4. Better Sex Life

    1. I hate to say it to you. You know when you do better in bed and you’re having a better sex life, you just feel better. I know this sounds crazy for some people, but it’s a part of it.
  5. Less Jealousy and Envy

    1. If you don’t take care of yourself, you become envious of the people around you that are. You make excuses for why you can’t do the same thing. By living healthy and exercising you can eliminate those feelings and focus on your business.
  6. Better Memory

    1. A better memory creates better relationships because people like it when you remember details about their life, personally and professionally. A better memory can also help you retain more information that you study about your industry and your business. It makes preparing for meetings a breeze.
  7. Stress Relief

    1. Exercising releases a lot of stress and being an entrepreneur causes a lot of stress. You need that release to stay focused because big decisions require focus and cause stress.
  8. Sleep Better

    1. Living healthy allows your body to sleep deeper and have more restorative sleep. You won’t feel as groggy in the morning. You will be prepared every morning to take your team to the next level because your brain won’t be wishing you were still lying in bed.  
  9. Longevity

    1. A longer healthier life always means a longer healthier life in business. You can’t compete over a long career if you are 100 pounds overweight. Being healthy drives performance and longevity.
  10. You Become More Attractive

    1. Living healthy makes you more attractive, being more attractive brings attention, attention can be funneled into success. The more attractive you are than your peers the better you will do in business, studies show this. People trust attractive people. But what does attractive mean? It could be as simple as smiling more and expressing how good you feel inside from exercise. Presenting yourself positively is all you need to be more attractive.

Next Steps: Download the PDF and score yourself on all 10 of these points. You will know how to take your game to the next level. After that tweet @patrickbetdavid what you got out of this and what new commitments you are making for your health and life.

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