10 Reasons You Don’t Have a Great Job

One of the common questions I get from friends, family, or someone on LinkedIn is, “Pat, how come I don’t have a great job? I don’t like my job.” I get this message over and over and over again, so today’s episode is dedicated to you. Entrepreneurs, you may want to watch this and share it with the employees that work for you or somebody that said that to you.

First things first.

  1. If the employer is happy with you and the employee is happy with the employer, everyone’s happy.

There is no friction. Unfortunately, a lot of times, people say, “I hate my job.” Just know that the employer is probably feeling the same way about you as well. That’s not typically a one-way thing. It’s typically a two-sided thing. Why does this typically happen? I think, a lot of times, people don’t even know what they’re looking for. It’s almost like you’re looking for a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and you are clueless, so no matter who you date, you’re going to be miserable. You’re not going to like them, and it has nothing to do with him or her. You don’t know what you want.

So, step number one in looking for a job is solve for X. What is an ideal position for you, and what is the priority of this position for you?

For instance, you may say:

Benefits- “I need great benefits.” Why? “My wife is taking certain medication, and I need to have great benefits because she needs to be on it,” or, “I have three kids,” whatever it is, benefits may be for you.

Income- “I just need an income. This is all I’m looking for is this income. I’m looking for 70 grand a year, and that’s it. I don’t care about anything else. I need a solid income.” Three, long term, “I want to find a job that I can grow within the company.”

Experience- “I want to get into this industry. I want to get some experience under my belt.

You know, yesterday I sit with a guy here who does audits for big companies. We’re going through some things right now, so they audit it to have audited financial so if you ever go public or you’re acquired, you have audited financials.” I said, “How’d you start off your career?” He said  “I started off with one of the Big Four accounting firms, and that’s how I started my career, and then I went and  I went and started with a CPA. I want to join the company. I’ve got an equity part of it, and I’ve been doing that for the last 13 years from Portland, Oregon.” Phenomenal, but he went for experience first.

Connections- “I want context. I want a position at Google because I want connections to other engineers.

Passions- “I want to go out there and make songs. I want to go out there and edit.”

Location-. “I want to be close to my kids. It’s what I’m solving for. I don’t want to move to LA. I want to go to New York. I want my family to be here.” There’s a location that matters as a number one reasoning.

Supplemental income- You want secondary income

Companionship- What is companionship? Now, there are people that work at Uber and they just drive Uber, just because they want to talk to you. Because they don’t have anybody else to talk to. They’re living in a city, they don’t know nobody. So they drive for four hours just to make some friends. There are some old people that work at Starbucks, seventy years old, just to greet people. Just to talk to people. Same as Wal-Mart.

Honor  or Service- You want to serve the country and do something honorable.

So step number one for you for getting a great job is answer these questions. What is at the top of the list? Number one and then go number two and number three.

  1. What is the current unemployment rate then where you live?

You may have a great job and you don’t even know it, because the unemployment sucks and there’s a lot of people that don’t have jobs. So if unemployment is above six, seven to ten percent or higher, you can’t be too choosy. If unemployment is zero to six percent, zero to five percent, you can be choosy because there’s jobs out. The market is open. They can give you opportunities, they can look for things. And then the other thing for you, you’re looking for is what you offer in the market place? What do you truly offer? Like, remember happy, happy? If this is happy, employer is happy. Everybody goes home happy.

What do you offer?

What is your proposition to the employer?

What skill set do you have?

What expertise do you have?

What experience do you have?

What contacts do you bring to the table?

What attitude?

  1. How is your attitude?

How is your attitude? Is it an attitude you come in and you completely change the life of the office or the life of the company? Because you’re a synergist. You make people feel good. You bring people together. Effort, hard working. Maybe you’re coachable. You’re very good student. You’re always wanting to learn. Your degree; you got a degree in this specific job so you’re experienced. Creativity, you have a creative mind and people talk about your level of creativity so people know that. Your following, your influence. Maybe you got a big, you know, social media presence and you have marketing skills and SCO and all this other stuff. So you’re influenced part of your connections but it’s also your influence that can help the company out. So, once you do that and then see the current demand for your position. I had somebody that came and they said, “Hey Pat, I think I’m worth eighty.” I said, “Oh really? What position?” “Such and such position.” I went and did my research. The paying position was sixty grand a year.

 I said, “I think you need to do a little bit more research on what that position pays for, especially with your experience.” Went and came back, I said, “What did you find?” “About sixty thousand dollars.” I said, “That’s where I’m comfortable paying you. I’m not comfortable paying you more than that. If you think you’re worth more then I’ll keep looking. If not, I’ll pay you sixty.” Said, “Okay, I’ll take the sixty.” Took the sixty. So you got to know what is also your odds. So once you know those things, we can talk about ten reasons why you don’t have a great job.

10 Reasons You Don’t Have a Great Job. 

  1. You get around.

Let me tell you what is getting around. Men and a woman don’t want to date a partner that’s been way too promiscuous. Now, some of us are forgiven. But let’s just say if you’re watching this and you’re saying, “Well Pat, that’s not fair.” If you’ve been a little too promiscuous, you need a partner that can fully trust everything, okay? What happened here, man? You know, reputation is this. It’s the same as hiring somebody for the company. If you’ve been around and you have twenty jobs in the last thirty years, I mean there’s a problem there. There’s a trend there. You can’t sit there and say, “There’s not problem there.” Or sometimes I’ll get a resume and there will be a big gap, okay? There’ll be a gap and then when we call references eventually you’ll forget out that this person had jobs but they’re only two big jobs that didn’t work, that didn’t put on the resume. So there really had six additional jobs in the last two years. Employers don’t want hire people that get around.

Think about it this way: I’m going to put six months or sixty days of training into this guy for him to quit three months later. It’s a waste of my money. Why am I doing that? They don’t like it. That’s why you may not get a great job.

  1. You oversell yourself.

I had somebody I hired. I give it to this girl for the way she did the interview. In the interview, I thought she was Opera Winfrey by the time this interview was done. She was like, “Oh you know, I can do this. I can do that. I know everything about SCO. I know everything about this award press. I know everything.” I go, “Wow! She’s using all those words.” “Oh, I’m a solution oriented type of a person and I want you to know I was bringing solutions to you. I don’t bring a problem. I’m a team player.” All these things! Like bullet points. Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! All these things you want to hear, she said it. And I said, “Okay, let’s call some of the references.” Couple of them didn’t call us back. One called us back.

                I said, “Okay, let’s give this person a shot.” She got hired. The next day, none of those things were true. She never brought solutions, always problems. She always complained. And by the way this was a couple years ago so this is not a recent thing. But if you overly sell yourself in an interview and then you fall short, you’re fired like this no matter where you work at. So you need to make sure you’re not overselling yourself in an interview.

  1. Lack of flexibility.

If you want a great job and want to work that’s got long term benefits and they’re going places, there’s a part of you that’s got to be flexible. If you’re not too flexible, you’re too ridged. Then what you’re saying is you’re really only solving for income. And by the way, I’m in the insurance industry. There’s a lot of big insurance companies that hire people based on income and there doesn’t need to be flexibility because it’s just, “Here what you’re going to do.” You don’t really care for the company. You don’t love the job. It’s just you needed the income. So you’re willing to take it. That company also knows what they got you. If they wanted to fire you in two years, they can fire you like this. So there’s not no deep rooted relationship passion for the company. Nothing like that, right? So understand overselling yourself and lack of flexibility that could hurt you long term if you want that great job.

  1. Attitude.

Attitude goes a long way. There isn’t enough videos in the world and enough books in the world of attitude because of value of attitude is so high, it’s insane how high the value of attitude is. I’m here to tell you the guy on social media, who’s the guy that’s blowing up with his YouTube channel? Logan Paul? Logan Paul that’s got seven, eight million views by the time you watch this. He may have ten, eleven million views. People love him because of his attitude! He’s got a awesome attitude. It’s attractive! People love great attitudes! Maybe you have an attitude that’s so positive people want to be around it, right?

  1. Being too cool for school.

Let me tell you what I mean by too cool for school. So, I had somebody that I hired. This was a six figure salary person I hired. I hired somebody who was a six figure salary but he was too cool to learn, okay? It was nothing about him that was wanting to learn how to do this, learn how to do that. He was too cool for school. Way too cool for school. So you don’t want to learn new skills? He didn’t want to learn anything new. He was still in his doss, you know? I still use my blackberry and they’re barely adapting to social media. Obviously, I’m being sarcastic but that’s not my point to you. They are too cool for school and those people are too cool for school. You can not say, “What a great job.”

Because what a great job really is telling you is that it’s a company that’s constantly adapting and improving and company that’s constantly improving, which makes it a great job, requires you to constantly be improving your skill set to stay trendy. If you don’t, you’re not going to keep a great job because the employer is not happy.

  1. Effort.

I had a person in a interview say, “I’m the type of person that always shows up fifteen minutes early.” If you’re on time, you’re too late. All these lies, right? Every single day for the first week of employment, she was late ten minutes. Every day she was late ten minutes and it was always, “Dog’s not feeling good. He threw up all night”. “Kid wasn’t feeling too good.” The other times was, “Car broke down.” “The traffic was bad and there was a car accident.” Five days straight. Every one of them. I’m like, “So what are you going to use next week. I’m really curious to know. I really want to hear next week. Cowboys lost? I mean, what is it going to be?”

                “It was too big of a party and a riot or protesting? I’m just curious what’s coming next.” Point being, effort. If there’s effort, you’ll typically land a great job. If there’s not effort, these types of companies demand hard work because they have bigger dreams and bigger goals.

  1. Social media presence.

Let me explain to you what it is about social media presence. I am very lucky that social media didn’t exist when I was eighteen years old. I’m telling you right now it was a big blessing because if Instagram and Snapchat was around I was eighteen, nobody would hire me if social media was around when I was eighteen years old. Having said that, for you there’s social media. Which means what?

You got to be careful. So that picture with the beer bong, you can’t have on there, okay? Your LinkedIn’s got to be a professional picture. If you don’t want to wear a suit and a tie, wear a professional attire and a decent haircut. You know, don’t put your haircut that’s just the curly hair coming out like a Superman curl you got going on here. None of that stuff. Very professional pictures you put on LinkedIn. Businesses will typically look at LinkedIn first but they’re going to scoop out everything else. So, have a solid social media presence.

  1. You’re begging and it’s obvious.

Great companies don’t hire beggars. Let me tell you. They don’t hire beggars. I know this sounds strange but it’s kind of like this: the prettiest girl you want to date, you think she’s turned on by beggars? Hell no! She wants a guy that’s like, “Do you know who I am? We’re going out together and we’re going to have a good time. I’m going to show you a good time.” “Hey, please go on a date with me. Please go on a date with me. Please go on date with me.” That’s begging.

If you really want a great job and you present yourself properly, that doesn’t mean you can’t be creative. That doesn’t mean you can’t be aggressive and assertive. Now not necessarily too aggressive but some what assertive. That doesn’t mean you can’t do that. But it’s not that I’m coming in here because only this. You’re going to say, “I just want you to know, I’m very happy if I get the position and work for your company but I just want you to know, I promise you, you are going to be very glad you made the decision to hire me and you’ll find it within the first ninety days of me working for you.”

That’s not begging. But “Just please give me an opportunity. Please! I beg you, just please give me a chance to work for your company.” They’re not hiring you. Something’s missing here and companies hire confident people.

  1. Unemployed too long.

If you’re unemployed too long, red flag. If you haven’t had a job for way too long, there’s a problem right there.

  1. Endorsements.

You know, if you have people saying good things about you. Your references are weak references. If you have solid references, you’ll have an opportunity because we call references. Everybody that we hire, we call every single reference and we try to talk to them before we give the person a second or third interview. So, it’s important who your references are and by the way, reference calls. If they just say the typical thing and you prep somebody, everybody typically knows. You got to realize once you do two hundred reference calls, you know who’s reference calls are fake.

    So you can’t put a fake reference call because a first thing a person is doing is going on the references LinkedIn to see who this person is and then sending a message there and saying, “Do you know this? Can you get on the phone because we like to do a reference check.” They’re checking the credibility on the individual as well and so you got to have some solid references if you do. If somebody puts a good word in for you, great. If somebody contacts the reference and they present you properly because you’ve done a good job, that benefits you as well. So having said that, these are ten reasons why somebody doesn’t yet have a great job.

                If you’re watching this, you know somebody who needs to watch this, share it with them. If it is you, go back, assess yourself here. Assess your market here, what you offer and write down the position you want. See which one of these 10 needs improvement, then, go get that great job that you’re looking for.

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