10 Crucial Conversations to Have with Your Parents as an Entrepreneur

Patrick Bet-David talks about 10 Conversations to Have with Parents.

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Most people carry with them a lot of emotional baggage from their childhood throughout their life. In today’s video I am going to talk about how to unload some of this baggage through having certain conversations with your parents. 

  1. Imposing their fear on you – Ask them to stop doing it and explain the damage it can be doing
  2. Conversations that shape the way you think – This conversations is about limiting beliefs and your parents truth as opposed to the truth. 
  3. Your needs as a son and daughter –  This one is simple, just explain to them what your needs are and how they can help
  4. How to plan on raising your kids –  This goes for those who have kids or those who have plans on getting kids. This is telling your parents how you plan on raising your kids, certain things you want to do and some of the things they might have done that you don’t want to do. 
  5. How their finances are doing – This is just about understanding where they are at and what you might need to expect in the future.
  6. How their health is doing – Many parents try to hide any illnesses and don’t want you to worry about them, but sometimes you need to take responsibility and look out for them the same way they looked out for you when you were younger.
  7. What are their dreams – Just because they are old doesn’t mean they still don’t have dreams they want to achieve 
  8. Deeper history – Most people only know one or two generations back, but there is a lot more to learn before those who do pass away. 
  9. If they should re-marry – This only goes for if your parents are divorced 
  10. What your dreams are – It’s important to let them know what your dreams are so that they can understand and support you on your journey.

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