November 20, 2019


valuetainment hiring


Valuetainment Media is looking for individuals who want to bring their talent and expertise to the team. Patrick and the Valuetainment team are based in Dallas, Texas. See the positions that we are interviewing for below and fill out the form if you would like to apply. Once the form is submitted you will be contacted by a Valuetainment hiring manager. We appreciate your interest and look forward to speaking with you. – The Valuetainment Team

Please use the general email [email protected] for other inquiries.  



$50k – $60k

(based on experience level)


An advanced skilled web developer who will oversee all company websites and create custom code / API work as needed. Will have to work from office and be involved in strategic conversations, then execute the needs on the web development side. Preferable Wordpess, Jquery, CSS, HTML and API knowledge is a must.


  • Coding sites and apps
  • Troubleshooting
  • Website development
  • Cybersecurity
  • UX and UI Functions
  • Understanding infrastructure and holistic outcomes
  • Shopify experience a plus



$30k – $40k

(based on experience level)


A social media manager that can oversee the coordinating, branding and messaging of multiple platforms with the common goal of growth funneling and conversion. This person would be involved in the creative process, tracking growth through measurable analytics, responding to messages on multiple social media accounts and looking for existing and new content that can be used to create new short form or long form content. They would also meet with the e-commerce team to show proof of effective marketing strategies.


  • Finding and Knowing latest trends
  • Creative process
  • Branding awareness
  • Self reliant
  • Curious mentality – a tester of strategies
  • Quick adjuster
  • Upbeat personality
  • Great grammar and punctuation



$35k – $45k

(based on experience level)


We are looking for an experienced copywriter that can assist with several aspects of communication for the Valuetainment brand. Some roles would include crafting ad copy, deriving article content from existing videos and writing blogs, newsletters, social media messages, branding messages and working alongside the creative team with campaign launches. This is a position that represent the voice of the brand.


  • Love to write
  • Ability to articulate a message
  • Great writing skills
  • A natural ear for catchy and creative content topics
  • Able to take constructive criticism 
  • Able to derive content from a video
  • Microsoft word pro
  • A blogger with posting or CMS knowledge (WordPress)
  • Interest in a wide range of topics



$40k + Commission

(must have sales experience)


An experienced sales manager that will oversee all aspects of the Valuetainment and Patrick Bet-David brand where sales are involved. Whether its online, in house, on phone or email, this is a people oriented position that involves communicating with several parties, updating the team and knowing how to close mutually beneficial scenarios.


  • Talking to people
  • Negotiating
  • Sales process
  • Selling
  • Speaking
  • Competition
  • Building relationships
  • E commerce knowledge a plus

Valuetainment Media is an equal opportunity employer. All possible employees will be asked to do a background check and must be able to work in the U.S.A.