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Patrick Bet-David, an American entrepreneur, author, financial advisor and a member of the 101st Airborne. Born and raised on Iran, just before the Islamic Revolution of 1979. He grew up with tape over his windows in his home so that when a bomb would land, the blast wouldn’t shatter glass all over the place.

He escaped Iran at the age of 10 with his family in 1989 to a German refugee camp and got exposed to many different cultures there. He learned about free enterprise and entrepreneurship while in the camp. He collected bottles at German swimming pools to get the money together to purchase his first Super Nintendo so that him and his refugee camp friends could play it.

November 20th, 1990 was the day he came to America; simply put, he came for freedom. When you get the green card to go to the US you have celebrations for weeks for the chance at a new life—they had applied in 1984. They went to Glendale, California because of the large Middle Eastern population.

He speaks Armenian, Assyrian, German, English and Farsi. His favorite language to speak is English. He is a proud American.

In school he loved math, but no other subject. He went to the Army after high school, but wasn’t very serious about his life goals. His father had a major heart attack in 2003, due to stress and money problems. That opened his eyes, and at that moment he changed and knew he would earn enough to keep his family out of financial stress.

Watch the full episode to find out how he turned all this into selling life insurance annuities and now has over 1,200 agents working under him.

Whatever it Takes:

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