Why Successful People Finish What They Start

In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the importance of implementing the right call to action for each aspect of life and what you can do to sharpen those skills.


  • Sales: While many salesmen are great at delivering a presentation, few are as equally effective at attaching an adequate call to action to said presentation. Once you communicate the value you intend to bring to the table, then you ought to ask what you would like the other party to do in response. This should be a win-win transaction. However, the call to action does not end there. A follow-up should come next to ensure you arrive to the point of transaction. Once that takes place, you would conclude with a last follow-up, highlighting the benefits from the deal and asking for referrals who might find the same value your customer did.
  • Marketing: As the online world continues to grow in the marketing industry, it is important that every click counts and can be converted through an effective call to action. For instance, if you have a website, having clear and concise services and/or goods listed with an effective call to action could make all the difference.
  • Recruiting: If you are in search of new talent, perhaps you need to contact a staffing agency. To arrive at the best deal, you will need a call to action. You would highlight the value you intend to bring to the table, i.e. new business. Then, propose a good and fair price for their services that could potentially leave the door open for more business in the future.
  • Leadership Development: As a leader it is important to implement a call to action with your subordinates in an effort to keep them accountable. For instance, if someone reports one of your team members, it is not enough to just talk to him/her about it. A call to action would look more like this. “Hey, I was told you were unprofessional with one of our customers and upon further review we discovered that in fact that was the case. In the future, could you word this differently?” That would be the first part. However, you would conclude with a call to action such as, “I want you to read this book and write a report on what you learned from it.” This call to action keeps your team member accountable to not only reading the material but writing about his/her areas of improvement.

Personal Growth

If there is an area you wish to improve on, giving yourself a call to action could be one of the most powerful things you could do. Bet-David has this rule. He will read every book with the 300-400 best reviews in any given area he sets out to improve. This gives him a clear goal that will help him find the solutions to any given problem. He will then implement the information he learned from those books and move onto the next area in need of improvement.   


Drafting a philosophy of your personal finance is the first step any successful person will do to reach their financial goals. This will detail where their money will go and why. If you don’t have this, perhaps you might need a call to action to develop it. The same is true when searching for the best financial advisor. Having a clear understanding of what

you are looking for in him/her and what you will give them in return will become a call of action.


  • Marriage: Is not unusual that many marriages go through seasons in which both are not sure why they got married in the first place. A lot of this is due to lack of communication before getting married. Not having a call to action before tying the knot can be detrimental. This call to action would address important issues for both parties involved to ensure they share the same goals and values.
  • Children: Not every child is the same and for that reason it is important to analyze the attributes, personality, and character of each. Then, you can implement a clear call to action to maximize all those things in a positive way.
  • Parents: As parents get older is not unusual they put off medical issues to avoid dealing with them. A son/daughter could easily implement an effective call to action to drive the parent to go to the doctor by limiting their time with grandchildren until the do so.


Many of us have at one point or another been uncomfortable with our weight, at which point we implemented a diet and work out regimen, in other words a, call to action. We didn’t like how we looked and felt, so we took specific actions to change that.

A call to action can be found in every aspect of life and can be boiled down to a simple, “what are you going to do about it?” Whatever THAT is, will be most effective if it is reciprocal and both parties involve benefit in the end. Subscribe for weekly videos http://bit.ly/2aPEwD4

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