26 Reasons To Become an Entrepreneur

This video is dedicated to two different types of people First, someone that isn’t an entrepreneur. And I’m going to make a case for why you ought to become an entrepreneur. Second, you may be an entrepreneur and you’ve forgotten why you became an entrepreneur in the first place. This video will remind you why you did.

Here are 26 reasons to become an entrepreneur.

#1: The Unknown

There's something exciting about becoming an entrepreneur because every day there's an unknown. What's going to happen with this? What if this or that takes place?

This brings out a certain side of you that you've never seen before. You'll typically only discover that side of yourself if you become an entrepreneur since most employees do the exact same thing every day.

#2: Constantly Meeting a Newer, Better Version Of You

Think about this. If you don't recreate yourself every 90 days, you're not going to make it as an entrepreneur. If you're not constantly improving, you'll be crushed by somebody else.

The great thing about becoming an entrepreneur is when you're 30, you can image what you'll be at 32, 32, 33, 34, 40, 50! You can ask yourself, "Man, how am I going to be at 50?"

You may be 17 and reading this. How will you be at 22? How will you be at 27? At 29? That's the exciting part of seeing a better version of you. It's like an award-winning movie and every time you watch it, there's a new character, but the entire character is who? You!

#3: Freedom

As an entrepreneur you have the freedom to do a lot of different things. Most people with a job don't have the freedom they want. Freedom can be different things. It could be making as much money as you want to make, freedom to travel, see the world, freedom to live where you want, and more.

#4: It's the Greatest Game You'll Ever Play

Listen in here for how entrepreneurship is the greatest game you'll ever play.

#5: No Politics

No matter what you do, there will be some level of politics. But in the world of business, there are a lot of things you can do. You have flexibility.

Now is it smart to go around and telling everybody off all the time? Of course not. If you do that, you're not creating synergistic relationships. But you don't have the politics of having to kiss someone's butt to move up.

#6: Get Paid What You're Worth

What do you want to make? If you're an entrepreneur and you're saying, "Well, you know, I only make $30,000 a year as an entrepreneur," that's what you're worth today, based on your effort, improvement, progress, innovation, thinking, creativity, work ethic, and so on. If you're an entrepreneur making two million dollars a year right now, guess what you're worth? You are worth two million dollars a year as an entrepreneur.

#7: You're Fireproof

Click here to hear how you're fireproof as an entrepreneur

#8: Happiness

Bitter people simply come from a state of not improving. If somebody doesn't improve, they're bitter. Typically when you meet happy people, they're improving and creating. Happy people improve and create. Bitter people don't.

This is because there's a certain level of high you get when you're improving and creating, and happiness comes from that.

#9: You Don't Have to Be a Genius

You do not have to be a genius to make it as an entrepreneur. Why? You can always recruit geniuses. You can always recruit people that are 10 times smarter than you. Sometimes in the corporate world, you have to be a genius to move up, but you don't have to worry about that as an entrepreneur. You can simply be a very good recruiter of genius minds and grow as an entrepreneur.

#10: It's the Closest Thing to Sports You'll Play

Listen in here to learn how entrepreneurship is like playing sports.

#11: Creativity

Here are just a few ways you can use your creativity as an entrepreneur:

  • Strategies
  • Marketing
  • Creating an edge
  • Products
  • Events
  • Sales
  • Contests

#12: Community

As an entrepreneur, you're part of a community. You speak a certain language that other entrepreneurs speak. It's a very nice, unique language.

#13: Contribution

Here are just some of the ways that entrepreneurs contribute to society:

  • You create jobs
  • You help people advance in life
  • You help design better products, which makes customers happy
  • You help non-profit organizations
  • You help people in other ways

It's very fulfilling to make meaningful contributions as an entrepreneur.

#14: Control

As an entrepreneur you have control in many different ways such as time and freedom.

#15: It's OK to Be a Little Weird

Listen in here for how entrepreneurs are weird, and why that's okay.

#16: Dress Attire

The other day an executive from a major insurance company came into my office. He said, , "Oh wow, so you're dressed casually today." I said, "No, this is my attire. I love capitalism. I am an entrepreneur. This is how I dress. And every once in a while I put on a suit for special occasions, and today doesn't happen to be a special occasion."

Why? Because I'm an entrepreneur! This is how I like to dress. Now my closet has a bunch of suits, but I like to dress this way as an entrepreneur, and as long as I'm professional and I know what I'm talking about, people still do business with me.

#17: Have a Voice

As an entrepreneur you can have a voice in your community, in your state, in the world, because as an entrepreneur you have a bigger platform, and a bigger megaphone.

#18: Change the World

Some people say to me, "My gosh, do you really think you can change the world? You're a dreamer! You sound like a six-year-old kid, watching some of these fantasy movies. You can't change the world!"

Well, let me tell you something. There are a lot of superheroes in the world, that aren't wearing a cape. They're entrepreneurs. And they're changing the world in many different ways. Bill Gates is a hero. He changed the world. Steve Jobs changed the world. Jeff Bezos changed the world. Sam Walton changed the world. Elon Musk changed the world. Rockefeller changed the world. So many entrepreneurs changed the world.

Entrepreneurs changed the world not only with the jobs and businesses they created, but also by giving to charity. Not all, but a lot of entrepreneurs give to charity. Look at the money Buffett gives to charity. Look at Bill Gates. He wants to cure so many different viruses around the world, because it's his mission. It's such an incredible high to know that you can change the world.

#19: You're High for Life

I got a message earlier today asking me what I think about marijuana as a form of therapy, and what I think about using drugs to help creativity. Listen in here for my thoughts on the subject of drugs and entrepreneurship.

#20: You'll Never Be Bored

As an entrepreneur you have to be ready all the time, because there are a lot of surprises. You don't have time to be bored when you're an entrepreneur.

#21: Age Doesn't Matter

When you're an entrepreneur, your age doesn't matter. If you're 21, it's okay. If you're 16, it's all good. If you're 38, fine. If you're 73, that's totally fine. If you're 82, cool. Age doesn't matter in the world of entrepreneurship.

Listen in here for why that's so important.

We also did a video last week, Does Age Matter as an Entrepreneur. You can watch the video and read the article below.

Does Your Age Matter as an Entrepreneur?

#22: Legacy

Legacy is powerful. Regardless of your belief system regarding what happens after you die, there's nothing like your kid saying, "My mom, my dad left a legacy for us that we'll talk about forever." There's nothing like your grandkids saying, "One day I'm going to be like you. I want to be like you." Do you know what that feels like? It's priceless.

#23: Recognition

If you like competing and being recognized, since there are leaders in the world of entrepreneurship, you'll be recognized quite a lot.

#24: No Degrees Needed

I don't have a two-year or four-year degree, but no degrees are needed to be an entrepreneur.

#25: Develop Unique Muscles

Listen in here for how entrepreneurship helps you develop muscles that can't be developed any other way.

#26: Location

Last but not least, location. You can be an entrepreneur from any part of the world. I used to live in L.A., but decided to move my office to Dallas, Texas. As an entrepreneur I can choose to live in a different city.

This morning I talked to John Lee Dumas of Entrepreneur on Fire, and he told me the reasons he move to Puerto Rico. That's fascinating to me. As an entrepreneur, he can do that.

Where do you want to live? Do you want to live in NYC? You can do it. You want to live in Miami? You can do it. You want to run out of Austin, San Fran, or San Jose? Where do you want to run out of? You can do it as an entrepreneur because there's business to be done pretty much anywhere in the world.

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