Reaction to Coronavirus Causing Another Shutdown

In this video, Patrick Bet-David breaks down current data of Covid-19 cases and deaths in the USA, as well as stimulus, unemployment and other important factors related to the issue.

Cases & Deaths

According to the Center of Disease Control and Prevention, 3,783,052 babies under the age of one have contracted Covid-19, but only 27 have died. While one death is one too many, it’s also important to note the death rate among that age group is only .0007%. Children from 1-4 years old have seen a lower death rate of .0001%, and children from 5-14 years old have seen an even lower death rate of .00009%.

The age group with the highest risk are 85+ with a death rate of 1%. Every age group outside of that has a death rate of less than one percent.

The reason this is important is because several states continue to enforce policies that prevent children from going to school, businesses from operating and people from seeing each other. While we should take responsible measures to lower death rates among all ages, we must analyze the data first. That will allow us to develop reasonable measures that won’t create a new set of problems that could potentially be more damaging than the original ones.

Unemployment & Stimulus

Texas and Florida have taken an opposite approach from that of California and New York, which has led the latter to lead on unemployment. Furthermore, out of the stimulus that the federal government extended to each state, New York and California were among the states the took the more federal aid. In other words, Texans and Floridians once again had to bail out New York and California due to poor government policies that some people would like to see across every state.

Health & Fitness

According to WebMD, worry is a main factor that can lead to a weak immune system. However, that is exactly what we see spewed across all media and by many politicians. While we don’t suggest that anyone should ignore negative news and fail to take reasonable measures to be safe in the midst of a pandemic, it’s also equally important not to overly dramatize the issue by spreading worry and fear.

Interestingly enough, WebMD isn’t the only outlet to talk about this, prior to 2020. According to the Mayo Clinic, aerobic exercise activates your immune system and helps you ward off viral illnesses, yet California and New York have decided to shutdown gyms.


If one thing is clear, is that states such as New York and California have left much to be desired in their handling of Covid-19, yet Governor Andrew Cuomo will receive an Emmy for his “leadership” during the pandemic. Governor Gavin Newsom was recently spotted eating dinner at a restaurant with a large group of people, breaking his own guidelines.


In the end, it all comes down to policy. New York’s policies are hurting children who can’t go to school, while Texas and Florida’s policies have helped people navigate difficult times. This is about who’s policies are giving their people a brighter future and who’s aren’t. It is not surprise why people are leaving in droves from New York and California to states like Texas and Florida.

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