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In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the kind of entrepreneurs investor’s look for and how you can become that by understanding and applying the principle of self-motivation.

While it is not wrong to find motivation from mentors, it is detrimental to never grow out of that phase. At some point, an entrepreneur will need to find motivation from within to give investors confidence he/she will not depend on anyone to grow the business. Failing to do so will put an entrepreneur at the mercy of a third party, who may not always be there to give him/her motivation to get the job done.

Self-driven entrepreneurs go back to their investors, after having exceeded expectations, and still voice their dissatisfaction with their results, thus vowing to break more records. These individuals are focused on their goal, hungry and extremely competitive. The need for outside motivation is irrelevant to them and often view it as a waste of time; something amateurs need to move forward.

Bet-David opens up about his personal journey with regards to this issue, as he was not always self-motivated. When he was younger, he was only motivated to develop a better physique to increase his popularity among women. There was no direction or motivation outside of that, which brought with it results that left much to be desired. That is when the epiphany came to Bet-David, that led him to find the inner drive to achieve his goals.

If you are at a point where you depend on other’s for motivation, you must get a clear goal first. Once that is in place, finding triggers to help you push outside of your comfort zone can be very helpful. It can be anything, even negative comments. Use those attacks to give you the fuel to prove naysayers wrong. Lastly, search for knowledge and strategy to achieve said goal. Pick up a reading habit, watch tutorials, interviews, keynotes speeches, etc. While you might get motivation from these things, it is important to note, you should not depend on them for it either. The main purpose is gaining knowledge, which you will then apply in your own life. 

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