How the Pandemic Exposed Leaders

In this video, Patrick Bet-David lays out several items that has led to leaders being exposed during this pandemic. Whether for good or bad, these are the reasons it occurred.

  1. Duration:

The 2020 pandemic has revealed how today’s leaders respond to pressure, specifically prolonged pressure. While some may be equipped to handle pressure for a short period of time, few can maintain the same level of competence for months at a time. Those who do are who we refer to as wartime leaders.

  1. Selfish vs Selfless:

Going through the many challenges the 2020 pandemic has brought, highlighted leaders in the following way. Those who are only concern with themselves and their best interest, as well as those who are just as concerned for the people as they are for themselves, if not more.

  1. Filtering Process:

The pandemic has served in many ways as an effective filtering process to separate the wartime leaders from the peacetime leaders. Like with everything else, pressure always reveals what someone is made of, and the pressure of the pandemic continues to separate the strong from the weak with respect to leadership.

  1. Character:

As with the rescission in 2008, the 2020 pandemic has also highlighted who is willing to compromise their integrity to survive. However, after the pandemic is behind us, the lack of integrity many of these leaders have demonstrated will follow them forever.

  1. Scrutiny:

No one likes to be put under a microscope and that is exactly what has happened to many leaders during this pandemic. If there is anything wrong with leaders, you can be assured it will be magnified during trying times. This continues to be the case with many leaders today.

  1. Leadership Styles:

President Trump and Governor Cuomo have taken a very vocal leadership approach when handling the response to the pandemic. You see them constantly making statements about their plans and strategies. On the other hand, you do not see Governor Newsome doing that to the same degree, which could be due to backlash that could make leaders like him avoid the media altogether.

  1. Resource Management:

During record high economic gains some organizations prepared for potential emergencies and others did not. This has been more evident than ever as we continue to navigate the many challenges moving ahead. This also serves as a reminder to many on how to handle the next economic highs to be prepared for the lows.

  1. Research:

While there are some benefits on being able to go “off the cuff,” doing research is always preferred. Knowing how people will react in the face of an emergency should determine the response of a leader. In other words, it is less about how a leader perceives a situation as much as it as about how his/her people perceive it. Understanding how your people think and feel is key.

  1. Wise Counsel:

Having the initiative and humility to seek wise counsel from people at every level will always pay off. The more perspective one gains from listening to experts in different fields could be the deciding factor on the success or failure of an organization. This has been evident as we hear different opinions from a wide variety of experts during this pandemic.

  1. Empathy:

Leading with empathy always leads to retention in business and the principle is the same in any organization. We have seen this play out during this pandemic with people who have chosen to lead with and without it. Those who lacked empathy have hard time leading moving forward as effective leaders.

  1. Decisiveness:

Having the courage to take a stand is imperative when it comes to leadership. Few people are willing to follow someone who is slow to make decisions and fails to take strong positions, especially during trying times. Indecisive leaders in business have lost fortunes during this pandemic. The opposite has been true for those who have led with decisiveness and continue to do so.

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