How Great Number Twos Become Power Players

Patrick Bet-David talks about the qualities that make a great number two in business, why some don’t and how to spot the difference.

In this video, Patrick Bet-David talks about the importance of having an effective “number two,” and the qualities to look for in that person.


1. Comfortable being “number two”

Being confident and humble enough to fill that role is critical when filling the position. However, the majority tend to build up the leader in front of him and criticize him behind his back, making great “number twos” a rarity.

2. Never Undermine #1 Publicly

Great number twos are protective of the leader and will not speak negatively about them to others. By the same token, they know their leader well enough to know when to speak to them in private to deliver a critique.

3. Master of Human Nature

The ability to perceive the leader’s emotional, mental, and physical state is critical in a number two. Being able to recognize when to pull him/her aside to reassess a situation is extremely valuable and can only be done by knowing the leader well.

4. Bought into the Leader and the Vision

Understanding and sharing the leader’s vision is a key aspect of operating as an effective number two. One needs to be bought into the leader just as much as he is bought into the vision.

5. They don’t expect perfection from #1

Number twos understand that the leader is not perfect and rather than focus on his/her imperfections, they focus on his/her strengths and do their best to fill in the gaps. They do this naturally. However, when someone does this forcefully it is not nearly as effective.

6. Competent with the Business

The second in command needs to be competent in the business, someone who does the work that needs to get done without causing any extra distractions. The second is in command is also highly skilled in their area of expertise.

7. Reliable and Accessible

A #2 is always reliable and accessible, this means they are always on call and ready to help out when needed.

8. Great Sounding Boards

 A great number two helps the number 1 process issues by asking questions and having a conversation that leads #1 to the answer.

9. Protect #1 and win the team

A good second in command is able to protect the #1 while also winning over the team. Even when protecting the #1, they also have a way of getting the team to rally around and get things done.

10. Have an element of Urgency

The last point Patrick Bet-David talks about is that number 2’s always have urgency when it comes to requests from number 1. They also make sure that the team understands the urgency coming from the top.


If you are a #1 this video is something you might want to share with your #2, or opposite, if you are a #2 watching this it might be a good video for you to show your #1


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